Feb 3, 2021 2 min read

Homelab BOM


Selling my dual Xeon based VMware vSphere home lab, it’s not being used as much as before as I’m not that hands-on anymore. It’s a single host with a total of 16 cores (32 threads) of 2.1GHz (boost to 3.0GHz), 256GB memory, and 4TB storage. Ideal for a powerful, quiet, energy efficient (nested) VMware vSphere homelab with tons of expansion options.


Below is the full bill of materials which is for sale as a complete bundle for €2.850


The mainboard is an E-ATX dual socket Xeon with 16 DDR4 slots and 3x PCIe x16 slots:

There is 1 year of warranty remaining on the CPU fans.


Grand total: 256GB RAM in 12 / 16 slots.

The Kingston modules come with a lifetime warranty.

Flash storage

The 3.x BIOS supports x16 bifurcation to x4x4 and is set-up like this: datastores

There is 4 years of warranty remaining on the SSDs, and 2 years on the carrier board.


The PSU and case fans come with 6 vs. 4 years of remaining warranty.

If seriously interested in purchasing, please DM me on Twitter @RuurdKeizer



  • Items are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Some but not all original packaging included.
  • No software licenses included
  • Some warranty remains on parts (specified above)
  • All SSD devices will be formatted
  • Buyer will be responsible for organising courier
  • Buyer will be responsible to cover any fees if incurred such as customs, vat, paypal etc.
  • Items to be sold as complete bundle. Will not sell parts separately.