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CF Summit NA 2018

Last week ITQ visited the North American version of the annual Cloud Foundry summit in Boston. What a welcome with snow on the tarmac and lots of rain.

Pivotal Container Service

At VMworld US a couple of guys in suits and Sam Ramji VMware, Pivotal, and Google introduced Pivotal Container Service. Exciting stuff! But what does it mean?

.NET on Cloud Foundry

As a consultant on the Cloud Foundry platform I regularly get asked if CF can host .NET applications. The answer is yes. However, it depends on the application how much we as platform engineering have to do to make it possible.

Deploying Cloud Foundry

Note: This post is outdated: while the concepts are still the same, deploying CF has become much more easy over the last years, so don’t use this text to do an actual deployment unless you want to deploy like it’s 2015.