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.NET on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

In my latest post, I tested, the single VM smaller brother of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). Considering a full installation of PCF has a footprint of about 25 Virtual Machines (VM) requiring a total of over 33Gb RAM, 500+ Gb storage, and some serious CPU power, it’s not hard to see why Lattice is more developer friendly.

AppPool crashes and RapidFail protection

Yesterday, one of our production sites began to crash at random intervals. We managed to narrow the issue down to one specific user logging in at the time, and clicking on a number of (again random) pages.

Self-hosting ASP.NET MVC

NOTE: This post is kept here for historic reference, but since .NET Core arrived with it’s in-process hosting model the below is obsolete Recently I was considering the technology to use for the GUI of a windows desktop client application I’m working on in my spare time.

One (AppFabric) workflow with multiple persistence stores

For a new project, we decided to model and implement the business processes of our customers using Windows Workflow Foundation 4. To do this we use a single workflow definition in the form of a workflow service host (.