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VMware is all-in on Kubernetes

VMware made a number of announcements in the Kubernetes space today under the VMware Tanzu portfolio, confirming again this is one of the main strategic pillars.

Pivotal Application Service for Kubernetes

Last month, Pivotal announced their flagship product - the Cloud Foundry based Pivotal Application Service - is coming to Kubernetes. I requested access to the private alpha, and was allowed in.

Pivotal Container Service

At VMworld US a couple of guys in suits and Sam Ramji VMware, Pivotal, and Google introduced Pivotal Container Service. Exciting stuff! But what does it mean?

Getting help on your Cloud Native journey

Last week I spoke with Pivotal’s VP of Product Marketing, Richard Seroter, about the Pivotal/ITQ partnership, and how we at ITQ are helping our customers get through the transition from a traditional enterprise IT organisation to a modern ‘cloud-native’ software delivery organisation which can provide applications which are scaleable, resilient, adaptable, and secure.

.NET on Cloud Foundry

As a consultant on the Cloud Foundry platform I regularly get asked if CF can host .NET applications. The answer is yes. However, it depends on the application how much we as platform engineering have to do to make it possible.

SteelToe 1.0 GA

Netflix is a pioneer in microservices land, and had to develop tools to run microservices efficiently as none existed at the time. They were largely open-sourced as Netflix OSS tools, and include components such as: