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Back to the CLR

Five years in tech context is a really really long time. So it struck me last week Matt Warren tweeted about two blogs I wrote 5 years ago about the intrinsics of the .

Useful null reference exceptions

As a .NET developer you’re guaranteed to have at some point run into the “Object reference not set to instance of an Object” message, or NullReferenceException.

TraceCLI: a production debugging and tracing tool

Ever had this application that just crashed or malfunctioned in a Production environment ? And whatever you tried, it wasn’t reproducible in Test ? Or perhaps it was just slow in serving some pages (web application), and you wanted to see the actual SQL your Object Relational Model (ORM) generated and sent to the database ?

PInvoke: beyond the magic

Ever ran into problems passing data between unmanaged code and managed code ? Or just curious what really happens when you slap that [DllImport] on a method ?