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Modern Apps = Modern Data

In a previous blog, I stated that the most challenging problem people tend to hit when modernizing apps is not so much the modernization of the codebase itself, but rather the huge underlying legacy databases coupling everything together and holding you back from real progress despite all modernization efforts in the application domain.

Redis - so much more than I thought it was

“Redis is cool tech, the best option when you need a fast cache.”, that summarizes my image of Redis until sometime ago when I truly started to research modern data platforms in connection to application modernization efforts.

Is 2021 the year of PaaS - and DevX?

Why does a technology win? Does it have to be technologically superior? Does it need it come at exactly the right time to fill a (latent) need?

Building a passively cooled NAS

Ever since I retired my old NAS, I’ve been running my home automation (unifi controller, pi-hole, dns, domain controller) and personal storage (NAS) on the same host as my testing setup (’lab’).

From science to IT

I have been working in IT for over a decade. Before that I pursued a career in experimental physics. It was quite successful, one of the outcomes was research that started a new field.

You like a fancy suit, I like a fancy video stream

Like many, the COVID pandemic has me working from home. The times I was physically at the office or at a customer in the last couple of months can be counted on 1 or 2 hands.