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Building an all flash datastore - hardware

The ZFS filesystem is around since 2005, and it’s considered by many as one of the great contributions of Sun beside more obvious ones like Java.

vRO API Explorer update

The vRealize Orchestrator API Explorer is a popular reference site for people working with vRealize Orchestrator (vRO). Flores Eken and I built it 4 years ago when working on a huge private cloud project for which vRO was instrumental.

VMware is all-in on Kubernetes

VMware made a number of announcements in the Kubernetes space today under the VMware Tanzu portfolio, confirming again this is one of the main strategic pillars.

Pivotal Application Service for Kubernetes

Last month, Pivotal announced their flagship product - the Cloud Foundry based Pivotal Application Service - is coming to Kubernetes. I requested access to the private alpha, and was allowed in.

Back to the CLR

Five years in tech context is a really really long time. So it struck me last week Matt Warren tweeted about two blogs I wrote 5 years ago about the intrinsics of the .

New coding & gaming machine - parts list

My current desktop/game pc is dating back to 2013, and with an Intel 4670K, 8GB of RAM, and a Club3D 7950 RoyalKing AMD based gfx card it’s still fine for coding and most games.