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CF Summit Europe 2018 - Kubernetes and Enterprise ARM

Kubernetes Basel was once again the location for the European edition of the Cloud Foundry Summit a few weeks ago. A big topic this year was the rise of Kubernetes, and how it impacts Cloud Foundry.

CF Summit NA 2018

Last week ITQ visited the North American version of the annual Cloud Foundry summit in Boston. What a welcome with snow on the tarmac and lots of rain.

Open Sourcing the .NET production debugger

Years ago, during my quest for knowledge about the internals of the .NET runtime and native interop, I developed a tool for live production debugging named TraceCLI.

CF Summit Europe 2017 Review

This week ITQ was present at the annual Cloud Foundry Summit. The video below shows a recap and includes an interview with Joshua McKenty, Pivotal’s Field CTO about the recently announced Pivotal Container Service (PKS) and Cloud Foundry.

CF Summit Europe 2017 Preview

The European edition of Cloud Foundry Summit is just around the corner. Next week, an ITQ delegation will visit Basel Switzerland for the conference about the fastest-growing cloud native platform.

Fixing ZFS after power failure

I finally decided to buy a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for my lab environment after a short power failure crashed my environment last week. After the restart, the Network Attached Storage (NAS) refused to come online again, and while visible as datastore on ESXi/vSphere, it was unreachable.